How To Rock Red And Pink Makeup For Valentine’s Day

Woman's face with bright pink eye shadow.

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, it’s hard enough to finalize those plans with our boo or besties, let alone worry about what to wear and how to put together a fierce face. After all, it’s a day devoted to love, so we’ll want to look the part, and what better time than V Day to pull out those bubblegum, rosy, and mauve-y pink shadows and blushes?

Collection of makeup and pink roses on faux fur.

Pinks and reds are super fun to work with and the rosiness adds a touch of romance to any look. Don’t be afraid to go all-out; pinks and reds are not strictly for lips and cheeks. Rosy, and even red, eyeshadow are having a trend resurgence — and they’re easier to pull off than you think.

We’ve gathered up some tips on how to rock pink and red makeup this Valentine’s Day without looking like a flamingo. Trust, it’s gorge.


Woman wearing white outfit with pink eye shadow.
For a super chic and subtle eye makeup look with a lot of charm, do a wash of color—lighter shades of pink work well so that you avoid looking like you’re the sad recipient of an unfortunate case of pink eye.

How-to: Sweep color across entire lid, if you stick to a lighter shade, you can build up the color to the desired intensity, and mishaps are a breeze to clean up. Add black eyeliner when using only one shade so eyes pop. For the braver, go ahead and ombré your eyelids with a lighter shade in the inner corners and gradually getting deeper and brighter as you make your way to the outer corners and creases of your eyelid. Leave full-out pigments of pink and red for high-impact drama. If you’re feeling adventurous this V Day, try a glossy pink eyeshadow for more oomph and sex appeal. (Tip: rub a little Vaseline over shadow instead of forking over cash on a gloss shadow.)



Woman in bright pink outfit with bold red lipstick.
With light pinks, you can go ahead and match lip color to eyeshadow as long as you’ve kept the color in the same shade family. For subtleness, use a pink gloss instead of lipstick. But, if you want your lips to do all the talking (and kissing) this V Day, go for a bright pink or red lip, just keep eyeshadow minimal.

How-to: With reds, intense pigments, and colors meant to stand out, use a bit of concealer before applying lipstick to fill in tiny lines and creases and increase staying power! Concealer on lips is truly your best friend: Besides increasing staying power, it prevents lipstick from bleeding, too. (Tip: Use a skinny brush to outline lips with concealer once you’re done applying lip color to add more definition to that gorgeous pout.)



Woman dressed in pink wearing pink lipstick and blush.
A bright red or pink lip requires little else, so opt for a sheer cream blush in a pinky hue to give that barely-there blushing effect. Or even a pink highlighter to add subtle color and sheen while your eyes and lips get the attention. If you want cheekbones to have all the fun, then go for a bright pink blush, just keep the rest of your makeup simple (unless you want to look like a color swatch).