Slay Your Anti-Aging Situation With These No-Surgery-Required Treatments

Woman Getting Facial Injection

We’re youth obsessed (#guilty), and we know it. Firmer skin here, more radiance there…we want it all, and we want it NOW! But what we don’t want (at least not yet) are cosmetic procedures that require — yikes! — a scalpel or seriously lengthy downtime. Is a non-invasive approach to get younger skin too much to ask for? We think not.

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Read on as we share the best of the best in age-delaying, without going under the knife:


According to Dr. Neal Schultz, NYC dermatologist, founder of, and creator of BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz, it’s never been easier to de-age the skin without surgery. “It’s easy to look younger and better without surgery. For brighter, smoother, glowing, younger looking skin, a gentle glycolic peel is literally a 2 minute/ no downtime transformation. Glycolic, when properly formulated, is the gold standard in chemical exfoliants.” These peels are done in a dermatologist’s office and at Peel Bars ($50).

BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz

Keeping your skin tone even and clear is possible without undergoing overly intense procedures. Dr. Schultz adds, “To get rid of red blotches and discoloration, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light, a medical device that is not a laser) does the trick in 1 to 4 painless procedures. IPL can also wipe away brown blotches and discoloration in 1 to 4 pain-free, no-downtime procedures.” This in-office procedure typically runs $300-$600 per treatment.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment on Woman's Forehead

Can electricity lift and firm sagging skin? We asked Melanie Simon, esthetician to the stars, to weigh in: “The right kind of electrical treatment can do wonders for the skin. Electricity in the proper doses has been proven to accelerate wound healing and improve your ability to make more collagen and elastin. When you have exposure to this special electrical cocktail on a regular basis, your skin can look like it is 10 years younger.” We’re super fans of ZIIP ($495), Melanie’s new at-home device for sculpting facial contours, using the power of nano current.

ZIIP Electric Skin Treatment

Full disclosure: They look a little silly but they’re worth a try. Frownies ($16) are 100% natural adhesive patches that can be applied overnight (sorry, bae!) to reduce the appearance of “11’s” and marionette lines. But how do they do it? The lightweight patches stick to lines, and while you sleep, they work on muscle memory and re-educate the underlying muscles (we are not making this up) to help relax facial muscles and deep expression lines.

Frownies Wrinkle Reducers

According to Beverly Hills-based esthetician, Gina Mari, “Women should start anti-aging treatments around the age of 28, though many tend to start a little bit earlier as a preventative.” Gina’s approach to fighting lines and wrinkles sans-scalpel involves the layering of different skin care technologies. She adds, “We are having great results with radiofrequency and LED Lights, which are as effective as they are relaxing; plus the results are incredible! Our custom LED Light Therapy re-energizes aging and damaged skin on a cellular level. Our treatments ($150-$450) are particularly popular as they have no down-time.” So…a girl can get a little weekend refresher and not skip a beat. Perfecto!

LED Light Therapy Mask

The aging effects of gravity don’t stop at the face, so why should you? Perkier boobs no longer require surgery. Lift, shape, and dare to go bra-less with Bosom Couture Boob Glue ($37). Dubbed, “A Boob Job In A Bottle,” this roll-on adhesive instantly enhances the appearance of boobs, giving the illusion of support and fullness. The effect is temporary, but also 100% non-invasive. It’s cleavage on demand. We love it!

Boob Glue Breast Enhancement Product

Treat acne and wrinkles in the privacy of your personal boudoir. Truth Vitality Lux Renew ($210) is an FDA-cleared, hand-held, anti-aging device for at-home use. It partners ultrasound and LED light technology to destroy acne and increase collagen production. This one does double duty.

Truth Vitality Lux Renew Home Skincare

– Felicia Walker Benson, @ThisThatBeauty