Spring Hair Color With Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham

Celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham is in a league of her own. Quite arguably the hottest colorist in the business, certainly the most sought-after, Tracey has painted the strands of celebrities like JLo, Chrissy Teigen, Lady Gaga, Khloe Kardashian, Shakira, Emma Stone, and a slew of other A-listers. Tracey’s unparalleled talent is only matched by her client waitlist (and that’s pretty massive).

We had the privilege to sit down with Tracey for an exclusive interview on all things spring hair color: from which stars are doing it right to the chunky highlight trend of the season.

The Lady Loves Couture: What’s trending in hair color for spring 2018?
Tracey Cunningham: I’m seeing lots of red heads, Cindy Crawford chunky highlights from her Pepsi commercial, no more platinum blondes, blonde-blondes but not platinum. I feel like platinum is over.

TLLC: What celebrities embody the perfect spring 2018 hair color?
TC: Chrissy Teigen and JLo are the perfect example of brunettes getting highlights. We try to make them look very natural. JLo, however, is not super natural right now; we made her a lot blonder. Chrissy Teigen is more natural. The perfect red head is Zoey Deutch because it looks natural on her. Maya Rudolph does a little bit of red; we do a warmer color on her and it looks so good. Even though she’s olive, she’s got the freckles, and she just looks beautiful with a warmer color.

TLLC: Is ombre in or out for spring?
TC: Ombre is never going to be out because it’s the only way a brunette can go blonde and look natural.

TLLC: Can you explain warm versus cool and how that works with the skin tone?
TC: Warm is red and cool is green, like ash. I find that most women that sit in my chair know what they want already. I love it when they can point to a picture and tell me what they hate because then I know for sure what not to do to them.

TLLC: If someone can’t come to you, what tips do you have for finding a great colorist in their area?
TC: You can definitely look up people’s Instagrams. But be careful, because not all photos on Instagram are realistic. So make sure you show the colorist a picture of what you want. Do not describe: ‘I want caramel. I want brunette.’ The colorist doesn’t know what’s inside your head when you say caramel. Visuals help!

TLLC: Any product or treatment recommendations for color-treated hair?
TC: Olaplex: it’s the only product on the market that rebonds the hair. You can buy it online, at Sephora, and do it at home. Leave it in your hair for at least an hour, then shampoo and condition your hair. People like to put their hair into Olaplex buns: they put it on in the morning on dry hair, slick it back into a bun, and wear it all day. Then shampoo and condition or get their hair done after.