Sugar Detox Survival Kit

Sugar is a powerful substance, and if you’ve been fueling your body on mostly Twinkies and cupcakes, the detox from it is going to be a rude awakening. Sugar detox is a real thing. In fact, when you quit sugar, you can expect your body to go into a serious phase of withdrawal including fatigue, anxiety and irritability, depression and detachment, rapid heart rate and palpitations, and poor sleep. In honor of you brave ones determined to forge healthier new lifestyles, we rounded up some guilt free treats to help you curb those crazy-making cravings and survive this new sugar-free frontier.

Natural Delights Coconut Rolls ($7)-These coconuts and dates are all rolled in to one sugary sweet bite but without the sugar!

Trader Joe’s Fruit Soft And Juicy Mango ($20)-Dried mango snacks deliver the sweet hit you’re looking for, and will keep you busy chewing all day long. Although they have natural fruit sugar, the fiber actually slows down your body’s digestion of glucose so you don’t get the crazy insulin spike or subsequent crash.

Yogi Tea Green Energy ($7)-Speed up the withdrawal process with some detoxifying green tea. Also, drinking fluids regularly throughout the day will help flush the sugar out of your system.

Justin’s Almond Butter Squeeze Packs ($17) -Almond butter helps regulate sugar levels and a serving of protein can do wonders to ward off cravings.

RX Bar Protein Coconut Chocolate ($8) Speak to your chocolate cravings with this protein-packed treat.

Bobby’s Sauerkraut ($7) A little sour for your sweet? Sauerkraut may seem like a weird substitute for a sugar craving, but the naturally occurring probiotic in this snack will help keep the craving at bay.

Angie’s Boombchicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn ($5) -Satiate your junk food need with a protein-rich sea salt popcorn treat, one of the finest guilt-free pleasures in your new sugar-free world.

**If your health is at risk, please remember to consult your physician when making any serious changes to your diet.