The Graphic Tee

Style guide for graphic tee

To Go Bombshell

Topshop Re-Gen Letter T-Shirt

With this basic, try…


  • Metallic pencil skirt
  • Red leather chain bag
  • Diamond bracelet
  • Geometric drop earrings
  • Mary Jane pumps

As New York Fashion Week comes to an end, our heads are left spinning (in the best possible way) from a flurry of playful fashionistas and all of their exotic street styles, reminding us that fashion is meant to be fun and daring! The graphic tee is trending, and it happens to be one of those killer basics that’s begging for a bolder upgrade. To bombshell this basic, pair the free-spirited tee with a sleek metallic pencil skirt. Build on the funky contrast with a ’90s-inspired Mary Jane. Finish with extra flirtatious flair, such as a red leather chain bag, geometric drop earrings, and a chunky diamond bracelet.

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Graphic Tee Style guide
1. Topshop Camoflouge Jacquard Pencil Skirt ($95)
2. Topshop Re-Gen Letter T-Shirt ($65)
3. Dolce And Gabbana Mary Jane Pump With Chandelier ($2545)
4. Salvatore Ferragamo Thalia Crossbody ($976)
5. Bauble Bar Quasar Bracelet Set ($58)
6. Bauble Bar Odyssey Drops ($36)
7. Quay Kitty Shades ($50)

celebrities wearing graphic tees and playful skirts