Models wearing statement earrings

Oversized, super dangly, or stylishly mismatched, statement earrings are adorning our favorite fashionista’s lobes. This simple accessory can turn your look from blah to bling. From pom-poms and tassels to acrylic and metal, bejeweled to bedazzled, nothing is off limits when it comes to the statement earring. The only requirement: That you make a sartorial statement. Go for it, girl. Your ears will thank you.

Shop Our Lust List:

5 examples of statement earrings
1. UO London Statement Earring ($4)
2. Nasty Gal Missing Link Earrings ($10)
3. UO Jetta Mirrored Statement Earring ($10)
4. Aldo Sechang Bright Multi Earrings ($15)
5. H&M Pompom Earrings ($15)

5 examples of dangling statement earrings

6. Asos Statement Chandelier Jewel Earrings ($24)
7. Asos Statement Tassel Chandelier Earrings ($24)
8. Forever 21 8 Other Reasons One More Time Earrings ($41)
9. Bauble Bar Criselda Ball Drop Earrings ($48)
10. Bauble Bar Gabriela Stud Fringe Drops ($48)

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