The Power We Possess As Women

One of my favorite aspects of the warmer seasons is the arrival of budding, bursting, blooming flowers. Whether annuals or perennials, there are so many fantastic florals to enjoy and appreciate. The inside of my home is filled with plentiful fresh cut arrangements, while the outside has an array of glorious garden favorites.

Flowers have always been an important part of my life. They have a way of glamorizing an environment and enhancing a room. Both in visual splendor and aromatic bliss, flowers are wonderful mood changers. Women have a similar power to that of a flower: We are both filled with beauty, elegance, and grace. When nurtured and planted in the right proverbial soil, the wonder of a woman flourishes. Despite life’s unpredictable sunshine and rain, her beauty still blooms for those in her proximity to enjoy.

As women, it is so important that we recognize the power we possess. Like flowers, we can light up a room and change its atmosphere. Whether it’s something as subtle as a simple gesture or as profound as a proclamation, we must use our power wisely. We must embrace the reality of our notable strength, as well as our pragmatic fragility; both are equally important when seeking to sustain a balanced life. Even after being cut, fresh flowers can last a long time if given sustaining nutrients. The same is true for women: Understanding our personal limitations reveals its own source of strength, energy, and vigor.

Regardless of where you are in your development as a woman, exercise your flower power. Perhaps you are a seed that’s just been planted, or a budding beauty, or maybe your spirit is in full bloom. Whatever the case, let the true loveliness of who you are – inside and out – be enjoyed by all those around you!