The Team

Meet the TLLC Team

Allison Elizabeth Brown


Allison Elizabeth Brown is the Creator and Editor-in-Chief of The Lady Loves Couture. A former model, she is a creative entrepreneur who has more than fifteen years experience working in Fashion and Branding/Entertainment Development. As an accomplished Branding Strategist, Allison has worked with numerous public figures and celebrities in a wide range of capacities, from co-managing artist, to screenplay writing, campaign consulting, and even styling. She has a passion and creative talent for turning client interests into viable businesses, much like her own, One of her greatest delights is working with Marjorie Harvey and the TLLC team!

Sarah Howard

Director of Content

Sarah Howard is a writer and founder of the beauty blog Beauty Banter Before becoming the Content Director for The Lady Loves Couture, she worked as a beauty editor and contributing writer in the digital space for sites like Interview Magazine,, The Fashion Spot, and Refinery 29. Her favorite color is leopard and her go-to makeup product is brow gel. You can K.I.T. with Sarah by following her at @sarahrhoward on Instagram and Twitter.

Joni Dubriel Harris

Director of PR & Social Media

Joni Dubriel Harris joined the team in 2014 as Social Media & Public Relations Director. The former Communications professor is a makeup girl at heart. With over 18 years experience in beauty and fashion, Joni has worked for luxury brands, YSL Beauty, Clive Christian, Cle de Peau Beaute and Neiman Marcus. You can follow this lady who loves couture/boy mom on Instagram at @jd_harris.

Devon Adderly

Photo Editor and Photographer

Devon Adderly studied photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, learning the various aspects of creating a photo, from pre to post production. My daily duties at TLLC are to curate couture images and create visual layouts that convey the current goals. Traveling, all things food, fitness, and photography make me the happiest! Social: @devvision on IG.

Agatha Nowicki

Staff Writer

Agatha Nowicki is an essayist, screenplay writer, and an award-winning actress. You can read her bits of prose here ( ) or watch clips of all the drama here ( ). As a staff writer for TLLC she’s particularly attracted to all things love and lifestyle. For as much as she loves the sparkling potential of a new lip gloss, or her obsessive hunt for the wonder cream that will finally solve it all, she’s most inspired by the power of a good lifestyle piece to awaken us to the deeper complexities of all that beauty shimmering on the inside. Follow her on Instagram @Agaloves.

Charles Williams

Design and Development

Charles Williams is a visual designer specializing in the fields of identity, web and print design with the knowledge and expertise for branding and marketing. I enjoy being apart of the TLLC team and look forward to what lies ahead. Catch me on IG

Felicia Walker Benson

Beauty Writer

Felicia Walker Benson is beauty blogging OG with over 10 years in the game. Follow her @ThisThatBeauty.

Nadine Jolie Courtney

Beauty and Travel Writer

Nadine Jolie Courtney is author of Beauty Confidential, Romancing the Throne, and the forthcoming YA novel All-American Muslim Girl, and is a contributor to, Town & Country, and Angeleno magazine.

Claudia Mercado

Beauty Writer

Amy Turner’s lives and writes and plays dress up in LA. She has written for CBS, NBC and ABC. Huff Po, Bustle and the Manifest Station.

Amy Turner


Amy Turner’s lives and writes and plays dress up in LA. She has written for CBS, NBC and ABC. Huff Po, Bustle and the Manifest Station.