The Vegan Skinny: The Secret Behind The Beyonce Bod

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The official start of summer is still a week away, so perhaps you’ve managed to dodge the inevitable beach body debut. There’s still a bit more time to kick the health regimen into full glow, and the lady we love to love, Beyonce, is bringing us the ultimate summer challenge: becoming vegan. Beyonce announced on Good Morning America that the reason she’s been looking fitter than ever is courtesy of a plant-based diet: “I felt like my skin was really firm, a lot tighter than when I had deprived myself of food, and the weight actually stayed off.” We sat down with registered dietician Amanda Foti from Selvera, which delivers healthy meals, including ready-made vegan options straight to your door, to get the skinny on, well… skinny.

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The Lady Loves Couture: Why was Beyonce drawn to a plant-based diet?

FOTI: I think it’s because it’s one of the few out there that, if done properly, provides great nutrition and health benefits. Eating a plant-based diet has extraordinary health benefits: Glucose control, decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol, weight management, and prevention of certain chronic diseases.

TLLC: So… what is she actually eating?

FOTI: Beyonce uses a vegan meal delivery service, which can cost about $600 for three plant-based meals for 22 days. The meals consist of plant-based food: No soy, meat, alcohol, or gluten. Although, I wouldn’t recommend going vegan without the support and guidance of an expert to make sure you’re providing your body with all the right nutrients.

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TLLC: Why 22 days?
FOTI: Following a very structured diet for 22 days could serve as a great kick starter to motivate those who want to change their eating habits.

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TLLC: What little changes can we make in our own eating habits if we can’t afford the delivery system?

FOTI: Changes that benefit individuals the most are ones they can stick with long-term. It will do little good to eat a vegan diet for five days and then go back to your old eating habits. Choose healthy changes that you can actually stick with. Eat more foods that are closer to their natural form: Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans, and whole grains.

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TLLC: What are your favorite meals?

FOTI: One of my favorite summer meals, and a good substitute for BBQ, is a summery vegetable stir fry and/or tofu stir fry. It’s a lean protein and still heavy on the veggies.

Vegan Stir Fry

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