Transparent Style: 3 Trending PVC Pieces That You Need For Spring

Guess what goes with everything? Clear! On-trend and Beyonce-approved, these PVC pieces clearly modernize every outfit. A little nostalgic (yes, there’s a Jetsons/ jelly shoes/Barbarella vibe that exists), a lot chic, add a single element to an outfit for a modern twist. A clear clutch, see-through stilettos, or a transparent topper equal polished shine. So get dressed and show the world you’ve literally got nothing to hide.

If this doesn’t get you to organize your bag, we don’t know what will. Enjoy these as stand alone pieces or double down with clear shoes. Matchy-matchy works here.


Forever 21 Transparent Faux Leather Crossbody Bag ($20)
Topshop Clear Leather Look Purse Belt ($45)
Zara Transparent Mini Tote Bag ($46)
Maison Margiela Textured Transparent Tote ($2090)

We love Beyonce’s courtside stiletto bootie. No longer considered a fashion faux pas, Yeezy, Chanel, and Miu Miu are showcasing this transparent shoe trend. Wear with frayed cropped denim for futuristic realness.


Forever 21 Zipped Clear Stiletto Boots ($27)
Nasty Gal Let’s Be Clear Heels ($30)
Tony Bianco Kiki Heel ($122)
Yeezy Transparent PVC Mules ($695)

Like the clear top coat on a manicure, this jacket locks your look. Wear brights and patterns underneath for the supreme waterproof style showcase.


BooHoo Daisy Transparent Rain Mac with Bound Seams ($20)
Zara Clear Raincoat With Trims ($50)
Asos London Jaded Festival Transparent Jacket with Neon Zip ($87)
Burberry Belted Rubbberized PU Trench Coat ($1995)