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Certain parts of a woman get copious amounts of attention, and rightfully so since it is truly well-deserved. The back is rather under-appreciated, however. Eyes up from the derrière, gentlemen! We’re talking shoulder blades and the like. Your time will be well spent adoring strong spines to match a woman’s feminine curves. An open back top, dress, or even jumpsuit truly accentuates an alluring back, and also encourages the viewer’s imagination to wander. There’s a reason that backless pieces are a favorite of the fashion set, from celebrities like Rihanna, Sienna Miller, Shailene Woodley, and Kim Kardashian, to street style stars like Giovanna Battaglia and Stephanie LaCava. “Business in front, party in the back” is a great motto to follow for a night out, whether formal or informal.


Backless separates certainly make a strong and sexy statement, but they do require some creative maneuvering in terms of undergarments. Fashion Forms: Go Bare Ultimate Boost Backless Strapless Bra ($38) is a must-have if you are going bare on your back and still want chest support. The bra is extremely comfortable and functional; so worth the investment for any shirt, not just the backless variety.

BACK42While a backless gown takes some serious craftsmanship, a backless shirt is something you can easily make at home. All you need to DIY is a roomy t-shirt, chalk, sharp scissors, a ruler, and a needle and thread. After collecting the necessities, follow these simple steps:


1. Place your t-shirt on the floor in front of you with the backside up. Using the chalk, draw a line about three inches from the shoulder seam up towards the collar and ending at the opposite shoulder seam.
2. Carefully cut along the chalk line through both layers of the t-shirt.
3. Use the ruler to measure the center point at the bottom of the shirt and mark with the chalk. Draw a diagonal line with the ruler from that point towards the shoulder seam. Draw a second line to the opposite shoulder.
4. Cut out the back of the t-shirt along the two lines.
5. Using the extra fabric that you just cut off, cut two strips approximately 18 inches in length, and then pull the strips to stretch them out a bit.
6. Sew each strip to the edge of the back of the shirt, about two inches below the shoulder.
7. Carefully pull the shirt over your head. Tie the two ends of the strips together across your back, and pull the bottom ends together against your waist and tie. Wear it and bare it!

If you’re not the crafty type (no judgement here!), scoop up these ready-made options:

Alexander Wang Mesh-Paneled Knitted Cotton-Blend Mini Dress ($925)
Tamara Mellon Backless Metallic Jersey Jumpsuit ($895)
Kempner Backless Tee with Snakeskin ($495)
Kamalikulture Open Back Jersey Body-Con Dress ($100)
Asos Aryn K Backless Jumpsuit ($73)
Romwe Backless Pleated Slim White T-Shirt ($11)


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