Wearable Winter Trends 2017: The Runway Done Your Way

Winter 2017 Fashion Trends

It may be chilly outside, but it’s time to heat things up with runway trends you can actually wear. Finding the right piece for the right price can turn the winter blahs into bliss. And who doesn’t want more of that? Didn’t your New Year’s resolution include taking more risks, having more fun, and turning more heads? We thought so. Here are a few special snowflakes to keep you on point. Go for it, lady. We need you to heat up the joint.

Après-Ski Oversized Sweater 

As seen at Chloé FW 2016/2017. Think more exaggerated volume, less ski bunny. It’s a sensual cozy look, preferably with extra long sleeves that say, I could buy gloves, but I’m just gonna keep playing under these sleeves instead. Luxury, warmth, and comfort are the ticket here. Pair with a midi skirt or leggings and there’s no gondola needed for this glamour.

Chloe Après-Ski Oversized Sweater FW 2016/2017


Winter 2017 Fashion trends oversized sweaters
Forever 21 Marled Mock Neck Sweater ($60)
H&M Oversized Mohair Blend Sweater ($70)
Vince Ladder Stitch Cashmere Pullover ($445)

The Puffer Jacket and Evening Dress Combo

As seen at Marc Jacobs FW 2016/2017. Who knew this chic contradiction would be so much fun to wear? Think of it as the outfit equivalent of an Oscar winner eating with their spouse at In-N-Out burger after the ceremonies. (Alt: champagne and pizza.) Ironclad classics and glittery elegance have an uncanny way of working together.

The Puffer Jacket and Evening Dress Combo Marc Jacobs FW 2016/2017


Winter 2017 Fashion trends puffer jacket
Uniqlo Women’s Ultra Light Down Jacket ($60)
The North Face Women’s Morph Jacket ($250)
SAM Decade Fur Trim Down Puffer Jacket ($590)

Turtlenecks Under Dresses
As seen at Valentino FW 2016/2017. Avoid substitute teacher from the eighties vibes by keeping the turtleneck thin, bordering on sheer. The dress can be anything from a winter slip to a summer maxi, and, presto, you don’t smell like homeroom at all. Layering’s the lesson, babes.

Valentino Fall 2016 winter 2017 turtleneck under dress


Winter 2017 fashion trends turtleneck under sweater
J. Crew Tissue Turtleneck T-Shirt ($35)
Nasty Gal Kiss Me Once Sheer Body Suit ($68)
Barney’s New York Cashmere Silk Turtlneck Sweater $(450)

’80s Glam One Shoulder Tops

As seen at Saint Laurent FW 2016/2017. Take one part Flashdance, one part Chaka Khan, and in a righteous bow to all that’s over-the-top sexy, turn up your inner Dynasty character. Maybe you’ll have a catfight, maybe you’ll initiate a dance party, either way, you can blame the blouse.

Saint Laurent fall 2016 winter 2017 '80s Glam One Shoulder Tops


Winter 2017 fashion trends off-the-shoulder glam top
Trouve One Shoulder Metallic Top ($60)
Nasty Gal Jaded London Choke Signals Sequin Body Suit ($88)
Trina Turk Nima Asymmetric One Shoulder Stretch Silk Top ($278)

Patent Leather Trench Coats
As seen at Proenza Schouler FW 2016/2017. Mix an eternally glam trench coat with patent leather shine, and you get one slick slicker. Usually a tame staple, swapping khaki for patent turns this piece into international spy-meets-dominatrix, and it means business. Maybe you’ll feel a little dangerous. And like it. Isn’t that what the runway, and life, is for?

Patent Leather Trench Coats Proenza Schouler fall 2016 winter 2017 collection


Winter 2017 fashion trends Patent Leather Trench Coats
Asos Monki Patent Coat ($128)
Simon Miller Bowa Double Breasted Leather Jacket ($1200)
The Row Kelma Belted Leather Trench Coat ($5000)