Welcome to The Lady Loves Couture! It has always been a dream of mine to combine my love for high fashion, with my passion for people, in a meaningful way. There is something wonderful about celebrating life (and it’s many occasions) with a distinct sense of style. Many would agree, looking your best and feeling your best maximizes the sentiment/excitement one feels during life’s most memorable moments. Whether fair or not, how we look always makes a statement. Those of us who speak style fluently, intrinsically know this and often use our wardrobe to express how we are feeling a particular day or moment. We even use fashion to tell our story, understanding long before any word is ever uttered our image says it all!


One of the reasons I love couture is because it is often synonymous with class, enduring elegance, regality, and glamour. Other times I gravitate to pieces that are fun, playful, lively or free spirited. Again, my feelings and mood along with the details of the occasion play an important part in determining what fashion statement I want to make. Either way, how I dress inherently reflects things I value: quality, luxury, innovative ideas, classic concepts, and even my femininity. I am a passionate person who lives and loves lavishly, so that also is a common element influencing what I buy and wear.

The key though to achieving stellar style regardless of your means, is first identifying what you want to say. Once you’ve done that then choosing colors, texture variations, dynamic silhouettes etc. all become fabulous tools to express yourself with distinction. Paying attention to the way others frame their personal style statements can be a great way of discovering your own. There is power in trial and error so allow yourself to experiment.  Even keeping abreast of industry trends and the latest look is not necessarily required, but it’s a great way to remain inspired. It is also an easy way to (subtly) communicate that “Baby…I know what’s hot, happening, and I stay in the know”!

At the end of the day, all this fuss and frenzy over fashion should actually be fun! I (like so many of you) absolutely enjoy every minute of it! –It is my prayer, purpose, and plan for all who read this blog to share in the fun of it all and ultimately…join the style party!!!

*Mrs. Harvey is wearing a laser cut velvet couture dress by Oscar De La Renta.