Winter Accessories To Wear Now + A DIY Veiled Beanie

Looking chic and fashion-forward in a polar vortex is no easy feat. Let’s face it: When the air is so cold that it literally hurts your skin, the last thing you are focused on is staying stylish. We don’t blame you! However, adding some tasteful and unique accessories will allow you to keep cozy while also looking like the fashionista that you were born to be. And no, your tried-and-true black beanie and basic pashmina scarf aren’t going to cut it. To step up your fashion game and remain warm during the winter months, consider these unexpected options.


It is said that once you lose feeling in your hands, your entire body goes cold. So, keep ’em fingers toasty! instead of frumpy mittens or even ski gloves (gasp!), look to ladylike opera-style gloves or rocker-chic fingerless ones to keep your hands covered and comfy with a healthy dose of sass.

Karl Lagerfeld Embellished Leather Fingerless Gloves ($125)
Ralph Lauren Cashmere Fingerless Gloves ($28)
Mark and Graham Leather Opera Length Gloves ($199)


Although your internal body temperature may prefer it, wearing pants all winter long is simply not an option. Bare legs are an absolute no-no when it’s freezing, so look to funky patterned tights to cover your gams. If you are in a slightly warmer climate (looking at you lucky West Coasters), try a pair of chunky knit socks to keep your toes nice and toasty.


Wolford Fabienne Dot Velvet Tights ($115)
SPANX Stunning Roses Patterned Tights ($32)
Antipast Cable Knit Socks ($150)
Dorothy Perkins Grey Chunky Socks ($5)



To protect your neck from harsh winds and biting temps, pick a fur infinity scarf or a blanket scarf to burrow your face and chest. On the coldest days of the year where you wish you could hide under your duvet cover, this is your next best bet. Even better, it’s a way to pull your entire outfit together in a fashion-forward yet practical way.

Marni Tri-Colour Fox Fur Snood ($1588)
La Fiorentina Acrylic Knit Infinity muffler with Rabbit Trim ($99)
Burberry Colour Block Check Wool Scarf ($295)
V. Fraas Tartan Blanket Scarf ($29)



Keeping your head warm is absolutely crucial when it’s freezing, and the hair on your head isn’t enough. A trapper hat literally traps heat inside of the topper, and is great for days you want to look a bit outdoorsy, even if you’re wearing stilettos. For a playful option, reach for a pom-pom beanie for a bit of whimsical with warmth.

ACNE Ambra Sheepskin Trapper Hat ($323)
UGG Australia Lorien Water Resistant Genuine Shearling Trapper Hat ($95)
Eugenia Kim Two Tone Pom Pom Hat ($250)
Michael Michael Kors Derby Pom Pom Hat ($39)


Feeling crafty? A veiled beanie is one of most unique ways to keep your cranium warm, and making one yourself is totally doable.


What You’ll Need: A slouchy knit hat, a 9” by 24” piece of veil netting, fine thread that matches the color of the hat, a needle, and a pair of scissors. Then, follow these simple instructions:


  1. Lay out the netting lengthwise and put your beanie in the center with about three inches on either side. Once it is perfectly placed, fold the two outer edges of the netting towards the center.
  2. Match up the two sides of the netting and attach them to the hat with a single stitch. Continue by folding down one side in half and sewing each edge, and then repeat this on the other side.
  3. Fold both sides in half again towards the center. Sew these edges to the hat, and knot and trim your thread. Then, flip that beanie over and sew the bottom edge to the hat. Knot and trim again.
  4. Place the beanie on your head and slowly peel the netting down over your face. Make sure to use a delicate touch because the netting is fragile.
  5. WINTER7

-Casey Sharbaugh currently resides in New York City and works in the fashion industry.  Find her on Twitter at @caseyhshar